At Home with Zack Giffin

Pro skier, carpenter and star of FYI Network’s Tiny House Nation

By Molly Baker | Photo by Re Wikstrom

As a professional skier, Zack Giffin is known for an extensive knowledge of Mt. Baker’s backcountry skiing and pillow zones. Splitting time between the Mt. Baker parking lot, Glacier and his family’s home on Lummi Island, he bleeds Cascadian spirit, especially for a guy from Colorado.

After three years of living and traveling around the Pacific Northwest in the Outdoor Research tiny house (which he built) he recently launched a career as a television co-host and starring carpenter for the FYI Network’s “Tiny House Nation.” Featured everywhere from The New York Times to Good Morning America, the world has now been introduced to a new Zack Giffin: the enthusiastic pro skier who handles a knowledge of carpentry and tiny dwellings just as well as his powder-caked skis…..

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