Tiny House Tour
Episode 2
Parking Lot Culture

In ski areas around the world there are stories that live in the parking lot: vans, RV’s, buses, and campers host ski bums, families, keeners, and winter road warriors. In an epic conglomeration of winter culture grows the parking lot scene. Pre-powder prep, après celebrations, and late night snow dancing can be found in these temporary little winter cities with everyone sharing just one common connection, a love for the snow.

Everyone knows the guys, gals, and campers that religiously flood their local hill’s parking lot every winter. They know the campers from the outside and the characters within—the frenzied skiers that just want to sleep as close to the lift as they can. Maybe less showered, our parking lot counterparts often find themselves more powder satiated and less sleep deprived than the average skier making the commute home from the mountain every day. In their small spaces they enjoy feasts of quesadillas, some form of Ramen, and PB&J and fall asleep to the sound of the snowplow instead of the TV. Life in the parking lot is as good as you make it and plenty of sacrifices seem reasonable for a foot or two of fresh.

All of these skiers and snowboarders and their rigs have stories, reasons for being who they are and doing what they do. Retired, happily unemployed, or on two-week vacations, these people want to enjoy the time that they have not driving in a car or sitting in traffic on the skier super highway. They want to keep it simple. They just want to ski.

Music by

Whiskey Blanket


The Winterlings