Tiny House Tour 2014: Episode Three – Best in Snow


As skiers we either have them or we have friends with them—those furry creatures that freak out in a snow frenzy anytime they’re let loose on a mountain.

As skiers, we have dogs.

They’re Saint Bernards, Labs, Retrievers, Australian Shepards, Poodles, mutts, and everything in between. They’re big and small with long hair, short hair, tails, and no tails. And no matter what they are, they love you. They adore skiers and snowboarders because they appreciate a day in the mountains just as much as we do. They’re keen to burrow in the snow and play with friends. They enjoy charging downhill with gravity as their ally and a night spent in the parking lot waiting to charge out the door in the morning to see how much snow has fallen overnight. The relationship between humans and dogs has never been as good as between snow-lovers and these four-legged friends.

So, be good to your puppy. Give a dog a bone. Offer to take your friend’s dog that has been in the car all day for a long run down the mountain. And every once in awhile just give a dog a squeeze. Let their happiness comfort you and remind you to be happy today. Go out and enjoy that new snow—and do it with a dog. Afterall, they are their best in the snow.

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